Sam King A young Hard-Enduro, Moto-Trials and Freestyle-Trials Athlete & Creator of RTV
2017 Achievements:
1st WTC Western Canadian Moto-Trials nationals – 2017
3rd VI Enduro X Championship – 2017
1st WTC Scotch Creek 30th annual Outlaw Trial – 2017

Sean Bird A Moto-Trial & Freestyle Trials athlete with a unique style and empowering attitude towards life

Tim Coleman Hard Enduro’s latest & greatest Internet sensation is an All-star athlete in the world of two wheels.


The Ride the Vibe Show may include some of the following trials stunts: 
Leaping onto the bus roof from a stand-still
Fender-scratching balance-point wheelies
Rolling nose-wheelies
360 nose wheelies
Bus-wall riding
Helmet-scraping low backflips


The Ride the Vibe Show also features A Moto-Trials enthused dog named “Tiki”, she is known for her high adrenaline behavior not missing out on any of the crazy trials action. Tiki is definitely a team mascot bringing a massive energy boost to the performances.



FRIDAY  5:00pm  6:00pm                                      

SATURDAY 12:00pm  2:00pm 5:00pm        

SUNDAY  12:00pm  2:30pm